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Camel Milk and dairy products

  • Unsalted Camel Butter


  • Camel Milk With Dark Chocolate & Orange


  • Camel Milk With Lavender


  • Camel Milk With Cardamom


  • Fresh Camel Milk

    220 - 900 ml

  • Camel Milk Spreadable Cheese with Chill


  • Camel Milk Spreadable Cheese


  • Camel Milk Fresh Creamy Labneh


  • Mhallabiyyah


  • Camel Milk Fresh Cream


  • Fresh Camel Milk


Environmental responsibility

Sawani is committed to elevating the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards in the Kingdom, aligning with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals in every facet of its business operations. Sawani strives to elevate the camel milk industry within the Kingdom by adopting the principles of quality and sustainability while fostering innovation to produce products that provide value to consumers. These efforts also align with the strategy of the Public Investment Fund, focusing on boosting the food sector as one of the most promising sectors in the Kingdom. Moreover, it reinforces the Kingdom's endeavor to diversify income sources, adhering to Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 objectives and its ambition for a diversified and sustainable national economy.

  • Our Vision

    To be the world’s leading camel dairy brand known for its unwavering commitment to promote Saudi heritage and sustainability across the value chain.

  • Our Mission

    Offer “Saudi-made” innovative camel dairy products coupled with an outstanding consumer experience and enabled by state-of-the-art operations and facilities

  • Our Values

  • Team Members

CEO Message

Amidst the considerable transformations that the Kingdom is undergoing across all fields and sectors, the country's leadership's focus on emphasizing the historical heritage of Saudi society has become evident. There is a call to reinforce the deeply rooted values of Saudi society and an impressive pivot towards positive customs and traditions. Adherence to these customs and traditions continues to shape the Saudi character, underscoring its civilization and its strong ties to its Islamic and ancient Arabic values.

Given this focus on the Kingdom's historical heritage, the interest in camels and their significance in Islam and for the people of the region has come to the fore. This attention has uncovered the close ties the Saudi society maintains with camels, illuminating their historical role in King Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud's conquests and his nation-building journey in forming the modern Saudi state, may his soul rest in peace.

The attention given to camels reached a pinnacle when the Public Investment Fund, a sovereign entity spearheading the investment and development landscape in the Kingdom, announced the inauguration of Al-Sawani Company. This company specializes in the production, supply, marketing, and sales of Camel Milk and dairy products, introducing them to the Saudi market as a pioneering investment project. The goal is to empower the camel milk sector and create a robust industry that delivers high-quality products. These products not only enrich the local market but also cater to the demands of the international market. This is facilitated through strategic partnerships with both public and private sectors.

In our capacity as the company's management, we are grateful to God for empowering us to lead this exceptional national project. We appreciate the faith placed in us by our rulers and the backing of our partners, which have enabled us to design a unique project aimed at showcasing camels as a source of pride for Saudis. Through this project, we strive to unlock the potential of the camel milk product sector by leveraging local camel livestock, harnessing national expertise and experiences, and dedicating efforts to uphold the value of camels and their place in the Kingdom’s culture and heritage. We are also committed to dispelling misconceptions about camel milk products through awareness and marketing efforts entrusted to a seasoned and specialized team of qualified national professionals.

In our pursuit to enhance the camel milk product sector, we will reinforce the principles of quality and sustainability, and spur innovation to introduce products that enrich the sector and aid in diversifying the national economy. This aligns with the Public Investment Fund's strategy that prioritizes the initiation and empowerment of promising sectors in the Kingdom, including the food sector. Furthermore, our endeavors will bolster the Kingdom's efforts to diversify income sources, in tune with the objectives of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and its ambitious aspirations.

We are deeply grateful to God that our company is founded upon robust financial solvency, cutting-edge technologies, and advanced infrastructure, along with a passionate team of national talents who lead the way. This framework empowers our company to strengthen its position in both the Saudi and international markets as the premier Saudi brand for camel milk products. God willing, we aim to offer an authentic and sustainable experience that accentuates the significant role of camels within the Kingdom’s culture, heritage, and ancient history. Simultaneously, we strive to fulfill our economic aspirations and strategic goals as a company, such as providing trustworthy, healthy food products.

We adhere to the highest standards and practices, and we are committed to top-tier social, environmental, and corporate governance that align with sustainable development goals. We are deeply committed to building a healthy society that enjoys an enhanced quality of life.

Our ambitious objectives are driven by the backing of our supportive partners in both public and private sectors, whose presence we take great pride in. We collaborate with them to foster a unified society that acknowledges and celebrates camels, their historical and economic significance, and wholeheartedly accepts their dairy products. This bond of affection, enthusiasm, and genuine connection positions our company as a leader and ensures the sustainability of our products. Our foremost priority is to empower individuals and communities who have preserved the camel milk industry in the Kingdom across many generations, and to promote the importance of this sector to new consumers through broad-scale awareness initiatives.

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Ahmed Gamal El Din

Chief Executive Officer

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